Monday, December 28, 2009

Hall of Fame Out Casino In?

South Bend, Indiana.

The College Football Hall of Fame might become the site of a downtown casino to help in creating local and state revenue and jobs.  It would be very difficult but might just happen due to the financial situation.

Imagine a casino in downtown South Bend.  First of all it would require a change in state law regarding casinos.  Right now casinos can only be in the form of riverboats.

Second it would require a vote by the people of Indiana by a special referendum.

Third, it would have to happen quickly because two other northern Indiana locations are already making great efforts to bring land based casinos quickly to Indiana, and currently lawmakers are not ready to grant either a gaming license.

Finally, it would require a casino to agree to come to downtown South Bend, Indiana.  A move that is very risky.  Currently there are 11 riverboats in Indiana and two casinos.

This month, the Statehouse's Gaming Study Committee, made up of four state senators and four representatives says that competition from Four Winds Casino Resort has greatly reduced Indiana's gaming revenue.  Blue Chip Casino reported losses up to 30% since the opening of Four Winds Casino Resort. 
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Location of possible casino.

Four Winds Casino Radio Ad

The Blue Chip Casino commercial