Friday, December 11, 2009

* Indian Gaming Report for 2009-2010

Today, the Indian Gaming Report was released for the year by Alan Meister and published by Casino City Press. It is the most respected report in Native American Gaming.

The report stated it was the slowest growth year for Native American Gaming in it's history, but compared to all casino gaming nationwide, it grew while the non Native markets declined for what ever the reason may be. (+1.5% Native American Casino growth compared to -7% non Native American Casino decline.)

As always, six percent of Native American Gaming operations make over 40% of the revenue. A third of Native American Gaming operations earn just 3% of the revenue.

In 2008, Native American Gaming made $8.5 billion and created 700,000 jobs, $27 billion in wages, and $10.8 billion in federal, state and local tax revenue. With an additional $1.6 billion paid in agreements with the federal, state, and local governments.

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