Thursday, December 3, 2009

*New Casino Technology

The new technology out today is amazing, many casinos know who you are when you pull into the parking lot, for example, cameras scan license plates of cars as they approach to match a computer data base of undesirables, so if you are greeted at the door by security and are told, thanks for coming but please take your business elsewhere, well you will know that when you where involved in an incident and were asked to go to the office, someone was watching what car you were driving and getting your license plate then entering you into the computer so that ALL casinos would be aware of you, nowadays casinos share information with each other.

Casinos also have enough cameras in the sky to cover 80% of the entire casino, it is a computer that watches and red flags suspicious activity from reading body language and patterns more often than a skilled security personnel.

Casinos also use invisible bar coded cards to stop card swapping, the cameras and computers look for these bars codes the minute you sit down to play.

Most casinos also have RFID chips that have high-frequency radio transceivers hidden deep inside the chips that track the movement of the chips, location of the chips and computers red flag strange behavior. The chips also uses a complex numbering system than is engraved on the chip to stop counterfeiting along with a special polishing and finishing system done to the chips making them more difficult to counterfeit than currency.

Slot machines use high tech cryptography, the same kind of encryption that the government uses to protect secret systems, it uses a complex algorithm known as random number generation, making it nearly impossible to control.

The cashiers window is the last line of defense and automated scanners determine if your ID is valid before a cashier advances cash, a computer manages this also and will contact security if something turns up in the computer data base that is often linked up to many sources.

In today's casino world you have a much greater chance of getting caught doing something illegal in a casino than not in a casino.

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