Saturday, December 26, 2009

Potawatomi language

It is said that you can measure how strong a culture is by it's language.  Less than 100 people speak Potawaomi and of that less than a dozen can teach it.  

Many worry that the Potawatomi language might die out because many of the speakers are older.  The federal government has given grant money to encourage teaching of the Potawatomi language in an effort to save the language.

The elders have made our language possible to learn through teaching and many thanks go to them for keeping the Potawatomi language alive.  Sharing is what has kept the Potawatomi language alive and this is why the Potawatomi government takes care of elders our teachers of Potawatomi culture.

Currently 25 to 30 people are taking the language courses and the goal is to produce at least three semi-fluent speakers says Matt Morsaw, one of our language specialist for our language.

Potawatomi or Pottawatomie is Bodewadmi in our native tongue.  Mr. Fletcher summarized  a great article on the Potawatomi language written by the South Bend Tribune. Turtle Talk story link

Now with computers around it has become easier then ever to learn Potawatomi, I am learning it from my bedroom computer.  I am amazed at how modern many of the Potawatomis have become incorporating today's technology with the learning of Potawatomi culture. 

Thank you to Hanaville Potawatomi, Justin Neely, the Kansas Heritage, Donald Perrot and Mike Zimmerman jr and Cecilia Meeks Jackson.

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