Wednesday, January 13, 2010

FireKeepers Tax Agreement

New tax agreement for FireKeepers.
No Tax on phone, car, boat, snowmobile, mobile home, gas or tax!

Does not matter were you live!  We have benefits that they do not have and they have some benefits that we do not have. 

Tax Agreement link  (click on links in blue)
The difference is they are managed by Full House Resorts, Inc. and Ram Entertainments, LLC.

Our tax agreement Pokagon Tax Agreement link

FireKeepers pays between $7.40 hr to $18.00 hr for managers and supervisors.
FireKeepers Pay and Benefits link 

Tax agreements are usually done on a tribe by tribe basis, but most of the Michigan tribes have a uniform tax agreement with the State of Michigan.  Service areas are usually negotiated by the tribe and the federal government.


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