Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kenneth Meshigaud

Kenneth Meshigaud has been the Chairman of the Hannahville Indian Community for 19 year.  It is his dream that his tribe will have many fluent speakers of the Potawatomi language.

A testimony to his character is when I did a search on him, one of the first things that I came up with was a newspaper article titled "Construction of special needs jail discussed."   Kenny did not want people with special needs due to disabilities or substance abuse problems to be housed in a traditional jail setting, he wanted them to have an opportunity to be successful within the community. 

His tribe is located in Michigan in the upper peninsula, here is a map of the location;

The Hannahville Indian Community was founded in 1884 under the direction of Methodist missionary, Peter Marksmen.  Within this community are the descendants of those Potawatomi who refused to leave Michigan in 1834 during the Indian removal.  They have been federally recognized since 1924.

The next thing I found was that Hannahville Indian Community had a school called the Hannahville Indian School hannahville school link This same link has Rezz radio that has beautiful Native American music from his people.  The school even has it's own newspaper. 

The Hannahville Indian Community even has a golf course that is 7,300 yards.  It is lined with Native American Sweet Grass and is rated one of the top ten public golf courses in American.  To visit the Sweet Grass golf course:  Sweetgrass golf cousre link 

Hannahville Indian Community also has a top notch language site.  Hannahville language site
Along with a virtual museum.  Virtual museum link

Another interesting thing about Kenneth Meshigaud is his Flickr photo stream, it lets you see photos of his family and his interests.  It is the only time I really ever got to see how a real Potawatomi chief sees life.  It shows a open side rarely seen by strangers.  The photographs are very artistic and done with a keen eye.  Visit his picture site and you will see that he is a Green Bay Packer's fan, has a Boston Terrier and a cat, and also loves cars and nature.  Kenny's Flickr photo stream  

  This is Chairman Meshigaud.

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