Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Legend of the Dog

It is said two Native Americans were blown away in a canoe by a great wind, that blew them up onto shore, as they got out of the canoe they noticed huge footprints that they knew had to belong to a giant, soon they felt the ground shake and out of the forest came the giant, so big that a caribou hung from his belt, he told them that he would not hurt them and to come home with him.

An evil spirit came and told the two Native Americans that the giant was dangerous and that he would eat them.  The evil spirit asked the giant for the two Native Americans, and this made the giant mad.

The two Native Americans noticed, while the giant and evil spirit fought a strange animal that they never had seen before laying on the floor peacefully.  Then the giant told the animal to kill the evil spirit, the animal sprang to its feet and killed the evil spirit.  

Then the giant told the two Native Americans to take the dog to protect them on the journey back home.  This animal could grow small and larger by its own desire, this animal led them back home and then left back into the woods.

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