Saturday, January 23, 2010

Loretta Barrett Oden

Loretta began cooking as a small child, directed and taught by her mother on the Citizen Potawatomi Indian Reservation in Oklahoma.  She learned how to cook food in a Native American way by incorporating her culture with food.  

Loretta is a chef and food historian and also earned a Emmy for her five part series on PBS that she wrote and hosted.

Olden now lives in Oklahoma City and is working on a cookbook to accompany her PBS series.  Loretta will not be including fry bread  or Indian tacos because fry bread was a product of the government's commodity program and it also has bad consequences for so many Native Americans.

Loretta has strong feelings about obesity and diabetes, especially with Native Americans.  Loretta has also taken a strong interest in growing gardens as a major supplier for her recipes. 

To purchase her PBS series Lorettas Link or to read more NY Times Article Link

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