Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pokagon Frank Bush memorial


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Frank Bush is a member of The Pokagon Band of Potawatomi, in his book, "Always a people" franks takes you through his life as a traditional Potawatomi back in the days, his family made and sold baskets, they farmed and always had a garden that everyone shared, no one ever went without.

Frank came from a family of pastors and attended church regularly including the traditional Native religion.  He tells of coming from a time were neighbors all knew and looked out for each-other.

Frank spoke Potawatomi and was taught by his elders as is the case with most Potawatomi, frank speaks about how many got adopted out and never knew their Potawatomi culture only to seek it out later in life, and he was always willing to teach it and pass it on, he felt a sense of responsibility in teaching what he had learned.

Frank had 4 brothers and one sister, all the boys were over six feet tall as was his father, a hard working Potawatomi man who made sure that he taught frank the old traditional ways.

Franks grandfathers lived on the Huron Potawatomi reservation located in the Southwest side of BattleCreek.  They were chiefs and leaders of the tribe and pipe carriers.

If you have not read Franks book, "Always a people" please do so, I just read it and found it to give a great insight as to how the Potawatomi's once lived.
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Franks Potawatomi name was "Naswa Wua Quet"
He was born in Shelbyville, Michigan in 1922 and was Pokagon, Huron and Gun Lake Band of Potawatomi.  Frank said "All the people that say they want to learn, where are they now?"  Frank felt very strongly about Potawatomi gathering to learn the way of our people.

Frank served in the United States Marine Corp from 1940-1951.  He left with the rank of Gunnery Sergeant.  Frank was awarded the Purple heart for injuries suffered during WWII. 

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