Sunday, January 31, 2010

Potawatomi Bingo

Dream Dance Steak is pleased to offer the largest, most comprehensive, and by far the most progressive wine list in the state of Wisconsin.

As you pursue the following list of nearly 600 wines, they would like you to remember that the entire staff has a singular mission when it comes to wine.

Dream Dance Steak is owned and operated by Forest County Potawatomi located in Wisconsin.  One of the seven bands of Potawatomi they honor all things, and a lifestyle in harmony with the environment.  Other values include respect for the environment and a willingness to share.

Currently less than 100 people speak the Potawatomi language and of that 100 less than 50 can teach the language, making it very important to have successful businesses to be able to fund language programs to help save a nearly lost language. 

For hundreds of years, the Forest County Potawatomi derived its sustenance from the environment. Recognizing and applying the practice of using what one needs and giving away what one can, the tribe only took what the Earth and land was able to replenish.  In recent years, careful planning and prudent use of resources have allowed the Forest County Potawatomi to grow and become totally self sufficient, and then to return economic benefits to the community.

Has awarded Dream Dance for the second year in a row with the ultimate distinction award for its wine selection.  To view the extensive wine list Click This Link

The winner of the best wine for 2009 was Camria 2006, Julias Vineyard Pinot Noir from winemaker Denise Shutteff, the cost of this wine is $21 a bottle.

To see the top 100 wines for 2009 Click This Link 
Most of the top 100 wines are less than $100 a bottle. 
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