Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pottawatomi Teachers sometimes need honoring!

Many times the elders and teachers of Potawatomi culture feel unrecognized, forgotton and unthanked.  People steal their work and lay claim like they created another mans lifetime of work.  I was shocked at doing a search on Donald Perrot at how many people have taken his work without even mentioning his name or linking his site.  Donald has lived the traditional Potawatomi way for his entire life, learning from great leaders of the Potawatomi Nation.  It never mattered what race you were or what Native American tribe you came from, they do and did what is such a characteristic of the Potawatomi Nation and all Native American Nations, they share!  Not just what they learn but many times with their own money. 

Donald A. Perrot is from the Prairie Band of Potawatomi and was raised in traditional ways in Arpin, Wisconsin.  He grew up learning how to speak Potawatomi, Menominee, Winnebago, Ojibwe and Ottawa.  Donald learned his sixth language when he turned 6, it was while attending schoolDonald did not stop going to school, he went on to get a Masters Degree from the University of Minnesota in Political Science back in 1967.

Donald is considered to be one of the top Potawatomi linguist in the world, and brought a traditional  culture into modern technology.  A pioneer in how the Potawatomi language is taught with modern technology.  He has made learning Potawatomi easy with online classes, lectures, and many books and CD's..

This remarkable man is a veteran, Elder and inter-tribal spiritual leaderIt is sometimes easier to show what someone has done to contribute to the Potawatomi Nation.  If you have not seen Donald's work already please take a look..   Online courses, you can learn at home!   You can get books and CD's to learn at your pace.  Want to learn just a word a day?  Learn at your own pace!  Learning made easy!

Many thanks to Justin Needy, Citizen Band of Potawatomi, the Prairie Band of Potawatomi and the elders who are gone but not forgotten and are remembered and honored when we Potawatomis learn the language and pass it on to our children and grandchildren, and so many others that this list would be longer than hollywoods movie credits.

If you are able please support mr. Perrot and take a look at his language store. Thank You Donald Perrot for all your hard work, you have made my learning so much easier.  Also thank You Cecilia Meeks Jackson.

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