Friday, January 22, 2010


I enjoy gardening, mainly Native American herbs and plants.  One of my prized items is my Sweetgrass, because it is very easy to grow and is winter hardy.

Sweetgrass grows in rich, moist soils and is considered sacred to Native American, it smells like vanilla and is often used to make baskets and for prayer, smudging or purifying ceremonies.  It is usually braided, dried, and burned.  Dried Sweetgrass will smolder and does not produce an open flame when burned.  It is said to attract good spirits.

Smudging is burning the Sweetgrass then fanning the smoke towards people, objects or areas to purify ones eyes, ears, heart and body.  Tobacco, Cedar, and Sage is also used and is referred to as the four medicines.

Teas are also made by Native Americans to treat coughs, sore throats, chafing and venereal infections.  Women use it to stop bleeding.  Caution must be used because the roots of Sweetgrass contains coumarin which is considered a carcinogenic.   
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