Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cheryl Tooshkenig Mitchell

Cheryl is a great golfer who has been written about in Native American Publications, she is from the First Nation of walpole Island, one of the bands of Potawatomi.  She lives on the reservation that is located on the U.S. border.  She started playing glof when she was 10 years old, she would go with her parents, Bill and Shirley Tooshenig.  Fortunately there is a golf course about five minutes from the reservation.

Cheryl went to Kent State University on a full scholarship and then transferred to Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan.  Her college career is full of awards and recognition.  She was chosen as the Golf Athlete of the week more than once and set most of the schools records for golf.  

Cheryl received her Masters degree in psychology and got help in sponsorship from generous donors and the Seminole tribe in Florida.  Another example of a over achieving Potawatomi, i am amazed at how many Potawatomi have become famous, i have a file of stories. 

To visit her web site Cheryl's web site

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