Monday, February 8, 2010

The Face of the Potawatomi

Carol Berry
The issue of who is a Native American and who is not, is always a controversial one, it sparks emotion in many, that is why i learned not to comment on such issues, who am i to judge?  A great story was written on the issue, it is one of a five part series from the great publication, "Indian Country Today".

Native American Family
Very active member of the Citizen band of Potawatomi, Micciki Langston, now has learned to say, I am Potawatomi instead of the generalized word, i am Native American.  Micciki does not live in Oklahoma but she attends many of the tribal functions.

Exerts from the five part series, "I tried to become enrolled my whole life," says Robert Upton, 47.  The whole process mad me angry and frustrated.  When i was young, i was just a Indian - i was brown, I have many relatives who were Indian also, my life changed in about the fifth grade when i wanted to attend basketball camp, but was not allowed to.

My grandma tried to give me land but couldn't because i was not an enrolled member, i lacked the blood quantum required to join, but i looked Indian and was treated as one......


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