Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fort Dearborn the novel

A book of great importance to the Potawatomi because it tells the story of before Chicago existed, it was a place called Fort Dearborn.

Fort Dearborn brings to life one of the beginnings of one of the worlds best cities with a story for the Potawatomi.  A struggle and clash by different people, told by Jerry Crimmins in a real drama that led to a event known as the Fort Dearborn massacre that happened in 1812, more than sixty solders and civilians died in a battle that Pokagon Band of Potawatomi member John Low teaches about at the University of Illinois in American Indian studies, a must read for Potawatomi that have a desire to learn about the truth and not truths of Fort Dearborn.

Interested readers that can't get the book right now please read John Lows article in the Chicago magazine.Fort Dearborn article link

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