Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Protect Mother Earth

Photo from Forest County Potawatomi

The Potawatomi nation has taken a leadership role in the development of both federal and state rules regarding mercury emissions and methyl mercury formation.

On the federal side, the Potawatomi nation submitted comments objecting to the "CAMR" rule, which would have allowed for significant mercury deposition "hot spots" to occur and mercury emission levels considerably higher than required to protect human health.  As a result of the comments submitted,  the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia recently overturned the CAMR rule as contrary to federal law.

On the state side, The Forest County Potawatomi comments in favor of Wisconsin's new mercury rule, which appropriately required 90 percent reduction in mercury emissions from power plants.  The Forest County Potawatomi Community funding of research by Dr. Watras was also instrumental in adding incentives to the rule to not only reduce mercury but also sulfate and other emissions. 
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