Thursday, February 18, 2010

Native American

Statement from Gun Lake Tribe Chairman D.K. Spragu

"Senate Majority Ken Sikkema should have strong armed this resolution through the Senate back on December 7th, which commemorates the greatest sneak of attacks and deception.  Senator Sikkema used his political capital and might attempt to delay the sovergn rights of my tribe instead of using it to add more jobs to an area that could use them."

"Senator Sikkema should be ashamed of himself for discounting the support our tribe has received from thousands of West Michigan citizens and 34 separate organizations.  He has misled his Senate colleges and the people of Michigan through false and inaccurate statements about this project that are inconsisteny with the results of public opinion surveys and economic analysis of this project's benefits to our area and people."

Clearly, Senator Sikkema has zero respect for tribal governments and the programs and services we provide to our tribal members.  If he had his way we would all cease to exist."

"Our fight for fairness is far from over and we will prevail."

Native American gaming provides revenue for tribal members, such things are needed on a sovereign country, things like police protection, fire protection, emergency responders, medical care facilities, elder care programs, language classes for the Potawatomi, it is said that about 10 people in the world speak and write Potawatomi.  Cultural enrichment and classes, education programs, suicide programs......

It should also be noted that Ed Pigeon comes from this tribe and has been so instrumental in the Potawatomi language. The Gun Lake casino will go forward but it should be noted about the hardships that Senator Ken Sikkena has given this Potawatomi Tribe.

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