Sunday, February 28, 2010

Native American

Letter to "The Buffalo Post"
Anonymous writer

To Jodi Rave (Buffalo Post writer)

"I cannot stand it.  ONE MORE DAY!!  How many front page articles to do with Indians?  Oh my God...almost every day?  Do I live in a city that is Mostly white or am I living on a Reservation and don't know it?  Wait a minute...If I in Missoula.  I assuer you, most of Missoulians do not give a crap about if a tribe "adopted" Barck, or how the economy is affecting them, or all that other silly shit you manage to get on the front page.  How about putting your stupid stories on the territory page once in awhile if you must.  THEY ARE NOT FRONT PAGE MATERIAL!!  What is tomorrows front page?  How Native Americans wipe their ass?"

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I am posting this because I get similar emails and am amazed why folks read the Native American blogs if they don't like Native American's.  I have 1,000 positive emails to 1 bad email, so it is VERY uncommon.  This is actually positive news because if you read some of the comments, an out pour of admiration and concern is obvious regarding the email. 


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Slywy said...

There's no admiration from me for this kind of hate, or the bravery of anonymity. Alas, one of the darker sides of the Internet is that haters have an audience that empowers them. On the plus side, it reminds us that it's there.