Thursday, February 18, 2010

Poetry Native American

Susan Cambell is an enrolled member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.  She and her husband have three children.  Susan has a very similar interest that i do, she likes to study the genealogy and Potawatomi language of the Potawatomi.

Her new book is called "Stained Glass Windows" it is a book of Native American Poems.  Susan and i have a lot in common, my mother also has a published book on Native American poems, with some non-denominational Christian poetry.

To order Susan's first book, send a check for $12 (includes postage) to Susan Cambell, 3200-C Wawae Road, Kalahaeo, HI 96742.  Or contact her at

She Who Prays.....Always

Black wool poolid in moonlight
her skirt lay softly on the ground.
Resting her arms on an alter of stone
she fingered a circle of beads
and quietly prayed.  

Dark eyes glowed with curiosity
as small figures seperated from bending trees
to drop stones on the fabric lake.

Unmoving she prayed on.
As the sun's rays brushed the tallest leaves
forming shadows of the stones
her prayers were heard.
And were answered.

Susan Cambell, 1988.

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