Monday, February 15, 2010

Wasauksing First Nation


Wasauksing First Nation, formally known as Parry Island is one of the nine Potawatomi tribes, located in Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada.  Can be really appreciated from the photographs from "Sunset Winds" Wasauksing, First Nation Wow Mnowabmenagwze (Beautiful) photograph's 

This Potawatomi tribe established a reservation back in 1850, the name Wasauksing means "White Birtch Reflecting Off Water" consists of three different villages or communities in the beginning.  Each represented by the nations of the Ojibaw, Odewa and Potawatomi.  Eventually the three different villages would become one community.

Wasauksing today covers 19,000 acres, 78 miles of lake shore and is the second largest island of the Great Lakes.  They are part of Canada's First Nation people.

Many of the members of Wasauksing come from Michigan.  Many of this tribes membership traces their roots from Wisconsin and Michigan.

They recently opened seven housing units in what is being recognized as The government of Canada being committed to create  safe and affordable housing for Aboriginal people in Ontario and across the country.  To read the entire story link They also have a adult education program Adult education link  and a library Wasauksing First Nation Library Link The last reported census in 3006 had the population at 350 people and all of them identify themselves as Native American.  To see the census report.  Last published census report link

The movie "Clear Cut" was filmed on the Wasaksing First Nation reservation and many of the Native Americans in the film came from the tribe.  Link to watch the movie 
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