Saturday, February 6, 2010

what trees do for us!

They not only give us shade and make our neighborhoods cooler, reducing utility bills, but they also add value to a individuals property value, can you imagine buying a home without a tree?  Trees also reduce noise because they filter sound and clean the air from such toxins as carbon monoxide and other dangerous and deadly pollutants.  Trees also help keep our water safe by the natural removal of dangerous and deadly pollutants.

So please next time you hear the word "global warming"  make sure that you realize that it is a political word that has been misinterpreted.  Global warming is a word that sends a negative message to people from rich corporations that spend a lot of money to keep you mis-informed, i would change the this word to "protect trees, keep our lakes safe, protect our wildlife, etc" now what would you think?  Will you please take a few minutes and consider joining?  If not now, maybe later.

Save a tree, protect our water, clean the air link

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