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American Indian Movement

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Being on twitter I have meet many different people that I would not normally meet, some of them are a pure joy, some are not.  A strange encounter happened with meeting a couple of the members of the American Indian Movement.  That word send shock waves down many Native Americans back.  Unless you interacted with the members of AIM as I have.

American Indian Movement is a civil rights organization founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota., in 1968 by Dennis Banks, who follows my father on his personal facebook site.  My father both loves and admires Dennis Banks for what he stood up for.  The other founders are Clyde Bellcourt, Eddie Benton Banai, and George Mitchell,.  Later Russel Means who had become displaced by government programs that forced the Lakota Souix off the reservation.  Its goals eventually encompassed the entire spectrum of Indian demands--economic independence,revitalization of traditional culture, protection of legal rights, and, most especially autonomy over tribal areas and the restoration of lands that they believed had been illegally taken.

This posting is for the Souix that follow this blog and is not meant to offend Potawatomi who have strong feelings regarding the American Indian Movement.  I always listen to both sides and find out if I might not understand or be educated regarding a subject.  I did read the Leonard Peltier book, "My life is my Sun dance" and was very sad upon it's reading.  That is why there is a Souix section in this blog meant for Potawatomi.  I visited Pine Ridge many years ago when the Lakota Souix were strong and active.  They were very kind and gracious hosts.  LakotaKid, I have been reading your tweets.  They have not fallen into an empty space.  LakotaKid has many of the Lakota Souix following him and one Potawatomi who is honored by his presence.

The government has been very kind to the Potawatomi so I can't feel what you have experienced.  LakotaKid, still tries to free Leonard Peltier after all of these years that have passed, he floats around on twitter seeking anyones help that will listen to his pleas.  I thought this would be an interesting story for the Potawatomi.

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