Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cherokee Teaching Council

In the past and present, trees represent unity, with all things because their branches reach towards the heavens and their roots reach, unseen into the ground.  They represent the connectedness between the earth and the heavens.

The Properties of Trees:

Birch:  Gives protection of children, purification, and creativity.
Rowan:  Healing and personal empowerment.
Ash:  Spirituality, teaching, duty, mental prowess.
Alder:  Spirituality, teaching, duty, mental prowess.
Willow:  Romantic love, healing, protection, fertility.
Hawthorn:  Fertility, peace, prosperity.
Oak:  All positive purposes, fidelity.
Holly:  Protection, prophecy, magic and animals.
Hazel:  Manisfestation, spirit contact, protection, fertility.
Vine:  Blackberry, prosperity and protection.
Blueberry:  Spirituality and dreams.
Grape:  Fertility, inspiration and prosperity.
Thisle:  Courage, protection and strength.
Ivy:  Healing, protection and cooperation.
Reed:  Fertility, protection, love, family concerns.
Elder:  Prosperity and healing.
Apple: Immorality, fertility, protection.
Ash:  Protection, healing.
Cherry:  Love and healing.
Elm:  Healing.
Laurel:  Love and healing.
Maple: Seeing
Olive: Healing, fertility and love.
Pine:  Purification

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