Saturday, March 13, 2010

Citizen Band of Potawatomi

The Citizen Band of Potawatomi has received grants for $950,116, Native American housing:  $21,810, nutrition services, $2,000,000, small business and development:  $3,028,333, $147,561, geothermal retrofit for existing buildings, and $1,281,428, childcare and development.

Federal grants for the Eagle Rehabilitation Program.  Helps rehabilitate injured eagles so that they can return back to the wildlife.

If you visit the Citizen Band of Potawatomi news site you will see why I decided to start my own news site.  The radio station that is coming soon is being sponsored by celebrities and will be ONLY Potawatomi news and things that matter to the Potawatomi.  Promoting the members of the Potawatomi tribe.  Made by a Potawatomis for Potawatomis.  We have enough important people in our tribes to be selective, it just takes doing homework.  

The Citizen Band of Potawatomi is also a proud sponsor of the Children's Hospital Foundation.

Childrens Foundation Link
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