Monday, March 15, 2010

Judge Warns Tribes

A judge has warned Native American tribes to adopt codes of judicial justice in Indian Country.  Close relationships on tribal land can sometimes lead to lack following of the laws for friends and relatives in disputes and criminal matters.  I believe many tribes do not subscribe to lock everyone up and throw away the key.  Most tribes try rehabilitation and intensive counseling first.

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umihoney said...

Very interesting indeed.You have your own tribal justice system.Quite similar to our eastern culture :)

Shine said...

Keep the great work!

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

ummm...and special treatment for friends and relatives is different from the dominant culture, how?

Personally, and when I speak of incarceration I speak from a very personal level, rehab and counseling a more pro-active approach and should be utilized before throwing away the key.

Shine said...

I am really glad that there is a blog that talk about this topic, there is so much ancient rich knowledge we need to preserve and learn from our ancestors. Your blog looks really nice. I want to learn more about the rainbow people :) I know native American people have their own shamans and healers, I wish I could learn more about their medicine.

Will said...

Bohzo David.
I do believe that in most cases re-education would be the best aproach ,but sometime the spirit of a man can be so corrupt that there's no other solution than to remove him from society.
But mankind as a whole needs to re-examine it's values cause nature will get back at mankind with a vengeance.