Saturday, March 13, 2010

Unusual News

I have been writing this publication for over two months now.  I do it to give back to the Potawatomi.  Not to take, but to give.  I have had the help from many Potawatomi that have contributed to this publication.  Mr. Mitchell the Prairie Band of Potawatomi Tribal Historian.  To John Low my adviser if I get stuck.  Many Potawatomi have helped me in this publication.  I want to thank those that have helped give back to the Potawatomi population through the knowledge of language and culture.

This publication has been recognized by many as beneficial, like appeals judge, Matthew Fletcher who helped me get started by sending people my way.  Thank You Mr. Fletcher.

Sometimes this publication that takes two hours a day to produce for so many visitors of the Potawatomi nation can feel like a thankless job.  But it is the kindness in emails and comments that allows me to continue when others try to discourage education.

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giantspeckledchihuahua said...

I really appreciate your taking the time to share the news and information. You provide a wonderful service.

I'm glad you have opened comments so I can tell you more !

In answer to your question, I am Abenaki. The ancestors tell us we are cousins! :) My husband is Potawatomi. His family is from Michigan.