Friday, February 5, 2010

Chief Meta

Answering an email request for more information on Chief Meta.

The leader whose village was near the North bank of the Cedar Creek bank, Chief Meta's village was called  Muskwawsepeotan, which mean's "town on the old red wood creek."

The village was settled sometime after 1795, when the Potawatomi tribe first moved into northeastern Indiana from the St. Joseph's River of Lake Michigan near what is today, modern South Bend.  The site was then abandoned after it was ceded to the United States along with all the other Potawatomi lands in the area by what is know as the treaty of 1828.

Chief Meta was a very prominent spokeperson for his Potawatomi tribe.  Although he was not known as a powerful clan elder, his skill as both  an orator and a warrior gained him much respect and brought him great influence and respect within his tribe.  Chief Meta was the active leader during the historical Potawaomi war of 1812.  His bravery during war left him with a scar on his right side of his face and also made use of his right arm, useless.  Chief Meta was shot by a solider while he was out scouting General Harrison's army near Fort Wayne in 1812.  Despite the useless- ness of his arm Chief Meta risked his life to save his people and said, "I would rather die than return from battle without my rifle."

After his injuries, Chief Meta could not return to battle but continued to serve his tribe at many negotiations.  His often serious and uncompromising nature earned him the name, "the sullen one," an very ironic thing because his literal meaning of his name is "kiss me."

Chief Meta was  tall, about six feet, and scarred, his looks are described as "unpleasant" but "striking."  Chief Meta was in his forties when he gained his reputation as the tribal spokesperson......
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