Friday, February 5, 2010

Walpole Island a biological treasure

The Observer

The Walpole Island First Nation - Bkejwanog terrotory is recognized as a international biological treasure with five major ecosystem types, tall-grass prairie, oak savanna, Carolinan forest, costal wetlands and open water aquatics.

The ecosystem of Walpole island supports over 60 of Canada's most rare plants.  The walpole Island Heritage program is working to protect the conditions so many generations will enjoy the environment through educational programs.
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Closing of the only near by hospital. 

Walpole Island the First Nation Chief Gilbert pleading for help about the closing of the only emergency room within 45 minutes of thousands of Native Americans who live on the island, hopefully no one has a heart attack because that is way to far to save them.  I have spent the entire day writing every news blogger that i know to start writing about this story.

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SOS Newspaper coverage link 
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