Saturday, February 13, 2010

Green Cemetary

Citizen Band of Potawatomi

Understanding what Native American's culture is comes from understanding the past and present, this comes to life in seeing how a tribe protects it's ancestors and takes care of those who have passed.  

Potawatomi tribes who believe that anyone having cultural items that belongs to a tribe or the Potawatomi, either a museum or university will usually receive a very polite request for the artifacts for proper care and traditional burial.  Reguest from a museum example link  and for the cultural learning of present living Potawatomi that hold such items as very sacred.  These items are shared among Potawatomi tribes and will often be loaned out from tribe to tribe.

A form was recently filled out requesting to register  uniontown cemetery (Green Cemetery) on NW Douglas Road in Willard, Kansas, as a historic place by Edwin Kennedy (Waudaga).  John Barrett jr. (Chairman is listed as the notifier of the request)

It is very interesting to understand how a tribe declares a property as of historical value.   Uniontown Cemetery has a story, it is now called Green Cemetery and was purchased by the tribe to protect it.  Many years ago Uniontown was a main headquarters for the Potawatomi.

There are three separate marked burial areas enclosed and marked by a circular stone wall that marks mass graves of Potawatomi.

Historical records show a massive cholera outbreak in 1849 to 1850 that took many lives of the Potawatomi. 

This is a very similar report that other Potawatomi tribes have to fill out to declare an area to be protected.

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