Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Men Charged In Attack

A security officer at the Blue Chip casino was attacked at the Blue Chip Casino resulting in arrests from two brothers.

According to the police report, the two brothers started attacking patrons at the casino.  When security showed up to break up the fight and escort the men out of the casino, one of them was attacked before other security guards could stop the attack.  Thankfully they responded very quickly.

Letting us all remember the difficult and dangerous job of being in security at casino's.  I post this because it seems that when we Pokagon Band of Potawatomi first tried to open a casino, we had so much difficulty, and a lot came from Blue Chip Casino, and it seems every week now the press has chosen to report anything that happens at this casino. I also notice that my blogging friends also like to report on this news.

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Nchiwenmo (I am happy) That this blogging thing works, many Mnowabmenagwze (beautiful)  stories have been covered by different bloggers since this blog started.  To see an example  Example of working together link

Over 1,000 bloggers started blogging on the Souix crises until Keith Oberman made it a personal promise to shed light on the situation I received a email from a Mnowabmenagwze (beautiful) Souix blogger to start blogging about the Souix issue. 

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