Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Native American Casinos

Michael Castranova

bohzo nikan (hello friend) Very complete and well written history of Michigan Native American Casino's  Article Link That i want to keep in our Bode'awdmi (Potawatomi) library.

Nchiwenmo (I am happy) that a screenwriter will be doing guest writing in April on the war of 1812 and the history of the critical time period for the Potawatomi's during the time period just before the removal act and how it affected the Potawatomi shortly after.  What he writes does not belong to me, i will pass it along to all the Potawatomi groups, sharing is what we did many years ago, it is how we survived.
bama (Good bye) Bgosenjege (Wish) you the best day!

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