Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Native American Creation Story

A story that comes from the Potawatomi of Wisconsin.
Now known as the Forest County Potawatomi
Dorthy Brown
Harry Anderson

He who made the Earth was called the Earthmaker, he made the world and filled it with trees and fields, he made the rivers and the streams, he made the hills and valleys.  His creation was beautiful.  However he needed people.

Earthmaker made a hole near the stream bank and lined it very carefully with stones.  Then he built fire.  He took some clay from MotherEarth and made a small figure the shape of a man.  He let it bake in the sun with the heat from the rocks.  After much time he took the hardened figure from the hole that he dug into MotherEarth.  Once it cooled, he breathed life into it, and the clay figure walked away.  That figure became White people.

Earthmaker decided to try again because he thought that he needed one more people, he let the clay figure get more hard this time.  Then he breathed breath into the figure and it walked away, this figure would be known as the red people, or what is know today as the Potawatomi.
The Potawatomi became many tribes, and spread across the world.  Among the first people was the Ojibwe, the Ottawa, and the Potawatomi..... To read the whole story

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