Saturday, February 13, 2010

Unusual Post

I recently received a very kind request to do an interview on the Citizen Band of Potawatomi radio station regarding this blog, i will not call this blog mine because i really do not think of it terms of mine.  It is a service that i truly enjoy doing, i love feeling that i provide a service to someone, it does not matter if it is one person or a million people.

I originally did not want to do the interview but realized that would do a diserve to my tribe, i want the interview to be what we Pokagons and Potawatomi are doing right, not what we are doing wrong.  I want to speak of the great accomplishments of the Potawatomi people.  The future has never been better for the Potawatomi, and that is the message i want sent. 

Many of us Potawatomi have suffered enormous pains and suffering, past and present.  We feel victimized and used, but we still have eachother and we still live on, that is truly an accomplishment for the Potawatomi people. 

I am not a fan of politics of ANY kind and would never cover anything having to do with politics or have ANYTHING to do with politics in any way.  I want a place that Potawatomi can feel safe and just get the news. 

This blog has nothing to do with me or my opinion, and as hard as it is, i try really hard to not let my opinion or feelings be known.  Megwetch for allowing me to provide you with this service, i get more from it than you would ever realize.  I have Bawzeke (To come for a purpose) Link

Perfect example of why we Potawatomi need a news source, much of our information is just outdated that we access or unknown.
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