Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Forest County Potawatomi

In another court battle being fought by the Forest County Potawatomi.  Kenneth Meshigaud the tribal chairman for the tribe has got the Wisconsin State Assembly to support a bill that would limit the use of Native American names and the use of mascots.

The new bill will allow residents and offended Native Americans to complain about the racist mascots, resulting  in the individuals using them to wither stop using them or defend their use of them in court within a year of the complaint.

Allowing Native Americans to now have a voice in if they are offended when attending events.  Mascots can both promote a tribe and insult a tribe.  The name warriors name is not offensive but the image is.  It would be like have a picture of a Jewish community have the local school called burnt to a crisp.  With a image of a oven.  See how offensive a mascot can be. 

The holocaust was such a terrible event that marked one of the darkest moments in the history of mankind.  I just got into a verbal fight with a guy who's blog I visited who had an article about how the holocaust was fabricated and made up for publicity.  can you imagine if he ever had the ability to name and represent a mascot.

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