Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Largest Native American Reservation

It is sad to say this, by the words of a Sioux that says the largest Indian reservation in the United States is actually prison.  Indian children are incarcerated 40% more than non Native American children.

Indian childrens new homes link

Native Americans receive the death penalty 38% more often than non Native Americans. Death penalty link

There is currently two million inmates in local, state and federal jails.   Of these, 1.6% are Native American.  I personally know many Native Americans incarcerated for being Indian.   The Incident at Pine Ridge started over stolen  boots by a  young Sioux, rather than just ask for help from tribal authorities two plain clothed FBI agents in unmarked cars entered the reservation and did not announce who they were and drew their guns resulting in needless loss of lives.  this is the beginning of the story of Leonard  Peltier.

Native American Reservation Link

Just recently Native Americans were fishing under the 1836 fishing treaty, the Department of Agriculture has been trying to get them prosecuted so that they can join the largest Indian reservation in the United States.  The U.S. attorney has refused to prosecute, largely because of the strong backing of celebrities and Hollywood.  the big media also is covering many Native American issues since the strong uprising of the Lakota Sioux.  It bothers me that so many tribes do not have programs for the incarcerated Native Americans to be reintroduced back in to society.  My tribe actually bans many of the incarcerated Potawatomi from living on their reservation.  To be thrown out from society by a legal system that has run amok is one thing  but to not embrace and rehabilitate the young, teach them a new way of living is the wrong solution to breaking the cycle of crime. 

FBI case report link 


giantspeckledchihuahua said...

I'm involved with the organization White Bison, as a firestarter, ( White Bison deals with wellbriety in traditional cultures.

Wellbriety for Prisons, an offshoot of White bison, deals with our sisters and brothers who have been and are incarcerated. (

Both are awesome resources for tribes and individuals dealing with alcholism, addiction, abuse, loss of culture and a variety of other issues that wreck havoc on The People.

Shine said...

So many injustice in this world, I really hope the rainbow people take over soon :)
In Mexico the mayans believe about some special wise people that will be coming back when the end of the cicle is near. So lets hope for that, and do all in our hands now to make this a better world.
Have a great day.